Dental Procedures in Burnaby

Comparing bridge beside broken teeth - Brentwood Dental


A bridge consists of three basic units, a false tooth replacing the lost one and two “anchor” crowns – one on either side to which it is attached.

Lady undergoing teeth cleaning - Brentwood Dental


Dental cleaning is the non-technical term used for professional oral cleaning.

Assortment of crowns - Brentwood Dental


Crowns remain one of the best techniques available to restore compromised teeth to full function, strength and aesthetics.

Lady with sensitive teeth reaction after drinking water - Brentwood Dental


Most tooth extractions can be prevented; however there are certain conditions under which tooth removal is necessary for the proper health and function of the oral cavity.

Gold tooth filling close up - Brentwood Dental


All filling materials have advantages and disadvantages, after a complete examination of your mouth, we will be us able to recommend the filling best suited to your needs.

Dentist holding implant prop to demonstrate implant procedure - Brentwood Dental


The use of implants provides patients with a superior technique to replace missing teeth resulting in improved comfort, speech, chewing, and a better sense of self-esteem.

Lady with mouthguard smiling - Brentwood Dental


Any child or adult participating in sport activities should always wear mouth protection. It is a cost-effective and trauma-free method to guard against damage to the oral cavity.

Prop showing tooth anatomy - Brentwood Dental

Root Canals

Endodontic therapy is probably one of the most misunderstood procedures performed in the dental office.

Illustration of sealants in mouth - Brentwood Dental


Sealant is a clear or coloured resin that flows into the grooves and depressions of the back teeth filling them in, rendering these areas resistant to tooth decay.

Lady with veneers shown against her teeth to compare - Brentwood Dental


Veneers offer maximum aesthetics with minimum tooth reduction. They cannot support excessive forces, therefore caution is advised when biting into hard objects.

Lady comparing her teeth to colour chart - Brentwood Dental


Teeth can become discoloured from tea, coffee, smoking, and aging. These are considered extrinsic or superficial stains and respond well to treatment.

Dentists showing patient an X-Ray of her teeth - Brentwood Dental


The frequency at which x-rays are taken depend on age, disease susceptibility and symptoms.