Dental Composites

Composite filling materials are made up of composite quartz resin and usually contain some sort of light sensitive agent.

Dental Composite Resins - Brentwood Dental

Fillings that bond quick

A composite or tooth coloured filling can be easily placed in one visit giving you the confidence to smile and laugh aloud without having to worry about showing a mouth full of metal.

These composites are bonded to the remaining tooth structure and cured with a light, forming a hard filling that can be chewed upon immediately.

The quartz fillings materials are strong and can be used on posterior teeth as well as anterior teeth where they can be perfectly blended to create an “invisible” and durable restoration.

Porcelain Inlays Full Mouth Close Up Before Procedure - Brentwood DentalPorcelain Inlays Full Mouth Close Up - Brentwood Dental