Oral Care in Burnaby

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Baby's Teeth

Teething usually starts with a small bump visible in the mouth, and depending on the individual child is a very smooth and relatively painless process to an extremely painful experience.

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Braces Care

Misaligned teeth may lead to gum disease, tooth decay and speech impairment.

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Brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste is the best way to care for your teeth and gums.

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Children's Teeth

Primary teeth have long been regarded as just a temporary precursor to the more permanent teeth.

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A proper brushing technique will remove all the plaque from the surfaces of the teeth but only flossing can remove the plaque between the teeth.

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Gum Health

Periodontal disease in its initial stages is completely symptom-less and if left undetected will cause tooth loss. Regular check ups to monitor gum disease are an important part of any dental exam.

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Implant Care

Implants have changed the way we think of replacing lost teeth and the way dentures are retained in the mouth.

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Product Guide

Oral health products come in a myriad of forms, sizes, and colours, each touting to have the best effect on the removal of plaque and keeping teeth and gums healthy and clean.