Bruxism is another way of describing teeth clenching and grinding. Our partners may be aware of the problem before us as it can be loud enough to keep them awake at night!

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Symptoms of Bruxism

There are a number of signs and symptoms that might suggest bruxism even if you’re not aware of clenching or grinding when you’re awake.
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Left untreated it can have a significant effect and result in root canals and full mouth crowns to restore your smile. Bruxism is best managed early with a nightguard or acrylic splint which helps to protect your teeth during the periods when you’re grinding the most. Mindfulness can also be helpful if your bruxism is associated with stress during the day even as a mental nudge to unclench your teeth!

In some instances bruxism may be the result of TMJ Disorder and may require a referral to a specialist for further management and possibly surgery.

If you are currently suffering from pain associated with bruxism you may find relief from: