Dental Information in Burnaby

Lady holding her mouth due to bad breath - Brentwood Dental

Bad Breath

Gum disease is a major culprit in the case of bad breath and our hygienist will monitor the progress of any periodontal disease.

Man from side undergoing Bonding procedure - Brentwood Dental


Dental bonding is a technique that is used extensively in the dental office. It establishes a superior union between the natural tooth structure and the artificial filling material.

Lady sleeping and grinding teeth - Brentwood Dental


Bruxism is another way of describing teeth clenching and grinding. Our partners may be aware of the problem before us as it can be loud enough to keep them awake at night!

Young lady with dental phobia - Brentwood Dental

Dental Phobia

You are not alone, more than 50% of the population does not visit a dentist and 10% of these avoid an office visit because of fear of dental procedures.

Woman holding sign showing teeth hurt - Brentwood Dental


It is important to inform us of your medical condition in order for us to take the proper precautions.

Lady caring for her dry mouth and lips - Brentwood Dental

Dry Mouth

The treatment for dry mouth can vary depending on the cause. It is important to see the dentist or physician for examination and diagnosis.

Man with gum disease - Brentwood Dental

Gum Disease

Gum disease is not only devastating to your oral health but researchers have linked it to various systemic disease including heart disease, stroke, and pregnancy problems.

Man caring for new dentures by washing them - Brentwood Dental

New Dentures

Considerable care has been taken in custom fabricating your new dentures, and once comfortably settled in, they will provide you with many years of service.

Oral lesions close up - Brentwood Dental

Oral Lesions

Research has yet to identify the cause of oral cancer and although we know that genetics has a major role, there are certain contributing factors that play a large part in the onset of this disease.

Oral Piercing in lower lip - Brentwood Dental

Oral Piercings

There are serious health risks involved that should be taken into consideration.

Woman holding plastic tooth - Brentwood Dental

Post Extractions

Surgical procedures of any kind are traumatic for the body, and adequate rest from strenuous physical activity is necessary to allow the natural defence mechanism of the body help heal the surgical site.

Pregnant woman talking to receptionist at Brentwood Dental


One of the most common side effects of pregnancy on dental health is pregnancy gingivitis. This is inflammation and bleeding of the gums caused by elevated levels of pregnancy hormones.

Woman eating ice cream experiencing sensitive teeth - Brentwood Dental

Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a painful reaction following exposure of the teeth to hot, cold, sweet or sour stimuli.

TMJ Disorder skeleton model - Brentwood Dental

TMJ Disorder

The mandible is a horseshoe shaped bone that is joined to the base of the skull by two joints. Each joint is like a ball fitting into a socket; with the ball portions being on the lower jaw while the two sockets are on the skull.

Smoking damage to patients teeth


Most of us are aware of the connection between heart and lung diseases and tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco. Lesser known are the adverse effects of these products on oral health.

Porcelain Inlays After Procedure and close up - Brentwood Dental

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are so called because they appear in the mouth between the ages of 17-25 years when a person has matured.