Implant Care

Implants have changed the way we think of replacing lost teeth and the way dentures are retained in the mouth. Denture wearers now have the freedom and confidence of being able to chew, talk and laugh without the embarrassment of dislodging their artificial teeth. Teeth can be replaced with no involvement of the adjacent teeth.

This new found freedom requires an investment of money, time, and a surgical approach. It is therefore of paramount importance that it is looked after and maintained with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to our office.

  • Brushing: A cordless electric toothbrush with a small head is ideal for getting in and around the posts.
  • Oral irrigators: These are excellent for dislodging food particles.
  • Flossing: Regular flossing is essential and sometimes a floss threader has to be used around “bar” implants or in between implants that are joined to form a bridge.
  • Interproximal brushes and stimulators: These are small brushes designed for getting between teeth while the stimulators can be used to gently massage the gums (see product guide).

Proper care of implants will not only enhance their esthetics, but will ensure their longevity. As in all dental procedures, an implant’s success depends as much on its maintenance as on the skill required of placing it.